It gives us great pleasure to share this profile of the Faculty of Language Sciences, Communication and Arts (FCLCA), of Mozambique Pedagogical University (UP). This is a site where we intend to build knowledge to transform our society and the world. Our mission is based on three main pillars: (i) Teaching; (ii) Research, (iii) extension and innovation with high quality and academic excellence. The FCLCA seeks to train competent professionals who are aware of their role in their daily trajectory along these three decades of existence. The Scientific areas of the FCLCA focus mainly on Language, Communication and Arts. The studies and research carried out focus on professional training based on the pursuit of freedom of thought and choice based on personal beliefs and on learning technical skills required to do the job in this modern society we live in. With head office in Maputo, the capital city of Mozambique, our Faculty offers Courses in all the University branches across the country. The teaching and learning course is available in two forms: face-to-face and distance Learning which are facilitated through the use of Communication and information technologies as well as digital platforms of academic management.                         .
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