1. Autonomy: This value is about UP striving for autonomous action in such areas as scientific pedagogy, administration and finance as it is stated in its statutes while a Higher Education Institution.
  2. Liberty and Democracy: Liberty is a basic human right which can fully be guaranteed in a democratic context; As a higher education Institution, among several positive liberties, UP highlights particularly the free and public use of reason and academic liberty. Democracy, in the context of UP, highlights a rigorous observation of collegiality methods and respect for the majority in decision making in all collegiate bodies of the University.  
  3. Excellence: This value points out the continuous commitment of UP in all teaching activities, research and extension, seeking constantly and systematically to do better for the benefit of individuals and the community. By virtue of its statute, UP aims to become an unavoidable reference in the education area.
  4. Trust: This value highlights the need of UP giving priority, in all its actions, to the establishment of strong and straight bonds with the Mozambican society in general, and the neighbouring communities of all its branches in particular. Both the communities in particular and the Mozambican society in general should trust the capacity of UP of fulfilling its trusted social mission.        
  5. Glocality: This involves the need of UP, in the fulfillment of its mission in the areas of teaching, research and extension, abiding by universal principles of excellence in (global) quality and, at the same time, having the double responsibility of, first of all, refer to universal principles to Mozambican cultural context and in the second place, find inspiration in proposals of local solutions to the challenges of (local) development.  
  6. Social Responsibility: This Value highlights the fact that UP assumes responsibility of using all its scientific and pedagogical potentials to actively participate in the resolution of psychological, political, social and economic obstacles to the process of development of Mozambique.
  7. Justice and Equity: This value highlights the need for permanent respect for the rights of existing different social groups inside and outside University as well as the promotion of equal access and working conditions for all.
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