Nowadays, we note, in Mozambican and also in global contexts, the growth of freedom of expression and the Freedom of the press. There is an increasing use of new technologies of Communication and information by people, and the new scenario of digital platforms allows it for real time communication. This reveals its importance in contemporary societies, be it in people’s own lives, in groups as part of an institution and different areas of productive activity;
The Department of Communication Sciences was founded in 2010 in the context of expanding its area of action from Language Faculty to Faculty of Language Sciences, Communication and Arts but this only happened when the necessary conditions had already been created in 2014, the first course offered was Master’s in Journalism and Editorial Studies. Regarding graduation courses, the Department offers the following courses: Journalism, Public Relations and Communication Design. With regards to Post-Graduation courses, the Department of Communication Sciences covers the master’s in Journalism and Digital Media.

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